Simple Application Framework


Simple Application Framework is a library aiming at providing a rich set of generic classes and functions enabling rapid development of robust and safe applications. The library is written in C++ and places emphasis on clean and extensible object-oriented design and efficient algorithms. It is intended as a replacement and extension of the Standard Template Library (STL) that would be closer to modern trends in IT represented by the Base Class Library in .NET or the Java Class Library.

What are the main design goals?

In particular, we would like to:

What is it going to contain?

What is it not going to contain?

Other libraries

Why not STL?

Why not Boost?

Boost is a great library that solved many problems of the STL and introduced many important concepts. However, personally, I don't like it because (my personal opinions):

Current status and supported platforms

Warning, the library is currently work in progress (pre-alpha stage). It may (and will!) undergo drastic changes of class, function and namespace names and behaviour and overall structure. It is not recommended to use the library now. Nevertheless, the classes in Saf::Collection and Saf::Algo namespaces are generally usable for basic tasks.

At the moment, the library is being developed and tested on the following platforms:

Code sample

Coming soon...


Ondrej Danek


The library is distributed under the GNU General Public License v 3.0.