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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
Saf::ArgumentExceptionGeneric exception class for invalid method arguments
Saf::ArgumentNullExceptionArgument is a null pointer exception class
Saf::Collection::Array< N, T >Multi-dimensional array of values
Saf::Type::IteratorCategory::BidirectionalCategoryBidirectional iterators
Saf::Algo::BinaryFunction< Arg1, Arg2, Res >Generic binary function
Saf::Algo::Binder1st< Func, Arg1Type >Create a unary function from a binary one by fixing its first parameter
Saf::Algo::Binder2nd< Func, Arg2Type >Create a unary function from a binary one by fixing its second parameter
Saf::Text::CharUnicode character representation class
Saf::Collection::ForwardList< T >::ConstIteratorForward non-mutable ForwardList iterator
Saf::Collection::List< T >::ConstIteratorBidirectional non-mutable List iterator
Saf::Algo::Struct::RedBlackTree< KeyType, RecType, KeySelectorType, CompType >::ConstIteratorBidirectional non-mutable RedBlackTree iterator
Saf::Collection::Deque< T >::ConstIteratorRandom-access non-mutable Deque iterator
Saf::Math::ConvergenceExceptionNumerical algorithm convergence failure exception
Saf::Collection::Deque< T >Double-ended queue container
Saf::Collection::DynArray< T >Dynamic array
Saf::Algo::Predicate::Equal< T >Equal to predicate
Saf::ExceptionGeneric exception class
Saf::Algo::Selector::FirstMember< PairClass >Select the first member of a pair or triplet container
Saf::Type::IteratorCategory::ForwardCategoryForward iterators
Saf::Collection::ForwardList< T >Singly-linked list container
Saf::Algo::Predicate::Greater< T >Greater than predicate
Saf::Algo::Predicate::GreaterOrEqual< T >Greater than or equal to predicate
Saf::Algo::Hash< T >Generic hash functor for basic data types
Saf::Collection::HashMap< KeyType, ValType, HashFuncType, HashPolicyType, CompType >Unordered associative container
Saf::Collection::HashSet< ValType, HashFuncType, HashPolicyType, CompType >Unordered set container
Saf::Algo::Struct::HashTable< KeyType, RecType, KeySelectorType, HashFuncType, HashPolicyType, CompType >Generic hash table implementation
Saf::Math::Algebra::Hyperplane< N, T >Class implementing general N-dimensional plane from linear algebra
Saf::Algo::Identity< T >Identity functor
Saf::IndexOutOfRangeExceptionIndex out of range exception class
Saf::Type::IteratorCategory::InputCategoryInput iterators
Saf::InvalidCastExceptionInvalid type cast exception class
Saf::InvalidOperationExceptionInvalid operation exception class
Saf::Collection::ForwardList< T >::IteratorForward mutable ForwardList iterator
Saf::Collection::List< T >::IteratorBidirectional mutable List iterator
Saf::Algo::Struct::RedBlackTree< KeyType, RecType, KeySelectorType, CompType >::IteratorBidirectional mutable RedBlackTree iterator
Saf::Collection::Deque< T >::IteratorRandom-access mutable Deque iterator
Saf::Type::IteratorTraits< T >Basic iterator properties
Saf::Algo::Predicate::Less< T >Less than predicate
Saf::Algo::Predicate::LessOrEqual< T >Less than or equal to predicate
Saf::Type::Limits< T >Numeric limits of data types
Saf::Collection::List< T >Doubly-linked list container
Saf::Math::Algebra::Matrix< N, M, T >Class representing general matrix object from linear algebra
Saf::Collection::ForwardList< T >::NodeList node
Saf::Algo::Struct::RedBlackTree< KeyType, RecType, KeySelectorType, CompType >::NodeTree node
Saf::Collection::List< T >::NodeList node
Saf::Algo::Predicate::NotEqual< T >Not equal to predicate
Saf::NotImplementedExceptionOverflow exception class
Saf::OutOfMemoryExceptionOut of memory exception class
Saf::Type::IteratorCategory::OutputCategoryOutput iterators
Saf::OverflowExceptionOverflow exception class
Saf::Collection::Pair< T1, T2 >A pair of values which may be of a different data type
Saf::Algo::Struct::HashPolicy::PowerOf2PolicyHash table policy where the bucket count is always a power of 2
Saf::Algo::Struct::HashPolicy::PrimePolicyHash table policy where the bucket count is always a prime number
Saf::Collection::PriorityQueue< ValType, CompType, ContainerType >Priority queue container
Saf::Collection::Queue< ValType, ContainerType >First-in first-out queue container
Saf::Type::IteratorCategory::RandomAccessCategoryRandom access iterators
Saf::Algo::Struct::RedBlackTree< KeyType, RecType, KeySelectorType, CompType >Generic red/black tree implementation
Saf::Algo::Selector::SecondMember< PairClass >Select the second member of a pair or triplet container
Saf::Mem::SharedPtr< T >Shared pointer class with reference counting
Saf::SourceLocationSource location descriptor structure
Saf::Math::Algebra::SquareMatrix< N, T >Class representing square matrices from linear algebra
Saf::Collection::Stack< ValType, ContainerType >Last-in first-out stack container
Saf::Collection::StaticArray< N, T >Class representing a static array of N elements of the same data type
Saf::Algo::SwapFunc< T >Swap functor
Saf::Algo::Selector::ThirdMember< TripletClass >Select the third member of a triplet container
Saf::Type::Traits< T >Data type traits
Saf::Collection::TreeMap< KeyType, ValType, CompType >Ordered associative container
Saf::Collection::TreeSet< ValType, CompType >Ordered set container
Saf::Collection::Triplet< T1, T2, T3 >A pair of values which may be of a different data type
Saf::Algo::UnaryFunction< Arg1, Res >Generic unary function
Saf::Math::Algebra::Vector< N, T >Class representing vector object from linear algebra
Saf::System::VersionVersion description class