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Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
Saf/App.h [code]
Application entry point macro.
Saf/ArgumentException.h [code]
Generic exception class for invalid method arguments.
Saf/ArgumentNullException.h [code]
Argument is a null pointer exception class.
Saf/Core.h [code]
Core macros (DLL export, etc.)
Saf/Exception.h [code]
Generic exception class.
Saf/IndexOutOfRangeException.h [code]
Index out of range exception class.
Saf/InvalidCastException.h [code]
Invalid type cast exception class.
Saf/InvalidOperationException.h [code]
Invalid operation exception class.
Saf/NotImplementedException.h [code]
Not implemented exception class.
Saf/OutOfMemoryException.h [code]
Out of memory exception class.
Saf/OverflowException.h [code]
Overflow exception class.
Saf/Platform.h [code]
Compiler, OS and architecture detection macros.
Saf/Ref.h [code]
Reference and const reference wrappers.
Saf/SourceLocation.h [code]
Source location descriptor.
Saf/Type.h [code]
Basic type definitions.
Saf/Algo/Adaptors.h [code]
Saf/Algo/Basic.h [code]
Basic and commonly used functors.
Saf/Algo/Bind.h [code]
Function argument binding.
Saf/Algo/Bits.h [code]
Saf/Algo/Function.h [code]
Basic function types.
Generic hash functor for basic data types.
Saf/Algo/Hash.h [code]
Generic hash functor for basic data types.
Saf/Algo/Predicate.h [code]
Basic predicate functors.
Saf/Algo/Range.h [code]
Algorithms and functions that execute on a range of elements.
Saf/Algo/Selector.h [code]
Selector functors.
Saf/Algo/Swap.h [code]
Swap function that can be type-specialized.
Saf/Algo/Selection/Median.h [code]
Median algorithm.
Saf/Algo/Selection/MinMax.h [code]
Algorithms for finding minimum and maximum values.
Saf/Algo/Selection/Range/MinMax.h [code]
Find minimum and maximum in a range.
Saf/Algo/Sort/BubbleSort.h [code]
Bubble sort algorithm.
Saf/Algo/Sort/Default.h [code]
Default sorting algorithms.
Saf/Algo/Sort/HeapSort.h [code]
Heap sort algorithm.
Saf/Algo/Sort/InsertionSort.h [code]
Insertion sort algorithm.
Saf/Algo/Sort/IntroSort.h [code]
Introspective sorting algorithm.
Saf/Algo/Sort/MergeSort.h [code]
Mergesort sorting algorithm.
Saf/Algo/Sort/QuickSort.h [code]
Quicksort sorting algorithm.
Saf/Algo/Sort/SortInternal.h [code]
Internal and auxiliary algorithms for sorting routines.
Saf/Algo/Struct/HashTable.h [code]
Generic hash table implementation.
Hash table resizing policies.
Saf/Algo/Struct/HashTablePolicy.h [code]
Hash table resizing policies.
Saf/Algo/Struct/Heap.h [code]
The heap data structure and related operations.
Saf/Algo/Struct/RedBlackTree.h [code]
Generic red/black tree implementation.
Saf/Collection/Array.h [code]
Semi-dynamic multi-dimensional array of values.
Saf/Collection/Bitset.h [code]
Saf/Collection/Deque.h [code]
Double-ended queue container.
Saf/Collection/DynArray.h [code]
Dynamic array class.
Saf/Collection/ForwardList.h [code]
Singly-linked list container.
Saf/Collection/HashMap.h [code]
Unordered associative data container.
Saf/Collection/HashSet.h [code]
Unordered set container.
Saf/Collection/List.h [code]
Doubly-linked list container.
Saf/Collection/Pair.h [code]
A pair of values which may be of different data type.
Saf/Collection/PriorityQueue.h [code]
Priority queue container.
Saf/Collection/Queue.h [code]
First-in first-out queue container.
Saf/Collection/RingBuffer.h [code]
Saf/Collection/Stack.h [code]
Last-in first-out stack container.
Saf/Collection/StaticArray.h [code]
Static array container.
Saf/Collection/TreeMap.h [code]
Ordered associative data container.
Saf/Collection/TreeSet.h [code]
Ordered set container.
Saf/Collection/Triplet.h [code]
A triplet of values which may be of different data type.
Saf/Collection/Tuple.h [code]
Tuple container.
String language translation tables.
Saf/Globalization/Lang.h [code]
String language translation tables.
Saf/Math/Basic.h [code]
Basic mathematical functions and structures.
Saf/Math/Constant.h [code]
Mathematical constants.
Saf/Math/ConvergenceException.h [code]
Numerical algorithm convergence failure exception.
Saf/Math/Range.h [code]
Mathematical algorithms and functions that execute on a range of elements.
Eigenvectors and eigenvalues decomposition routines.
Saf/Math/Algebra/Eigenvectors.h [code]
Eigenvectors and eigenvalues decomposition routines.
Saf/Math/Algebra/Hyperplane.h [code]
Linear algebra general N-dimensional plane class.
Saf/Math/Algebra/Matrix.h [code]
Linear algebra matrix class.
Saf/Math/Algebra/Number.h [code]
Common functions from number theory.
Saf/Math/Algebra/SquareMatrix.h [code]
Square matrix class.
Saf/Math/Algebra/Vector.h [code]
Linear algebra vector class.
Powers and basic functions related to exponentiation.
Saf/Math/Calculus/Powers.h [code]
Powers and basic functions related to exponentiation.
Memory allocation and deallocation functions
Saf/Mem/Alloc.h [code]
Low level memory handling functions.
Saf/Mem/ScopedPtr.h [code]
Saf/Mem/SharedPtr.h [code]
Shared pointer class with reference counting.
Saf/Mem/WeakPtr.h [code]
Saf/System/Environment.h [code]
Saf/System/Version.h [code]
Version description class.
Saf/System/Time/TimeSpan.h [code]
Unicode character class.
Saf/Text/Char.h [code]
Unicode character class.
General text formatting class.
Saf/Text/Format.h [code]
General text formatting class.
Saf/Text/IEncoding.h [code]
String class implementation.
Saf/Text/String.h [code]
Unicode string class.
Saf/Type/IteratorCategory.h [code]
Iterator categories.
Saf/Type/IteratorTraits.h [code]
Basic iterator properties.
Saf/Type/Limits.h [code]
Numeric limits of data types.
Saf/Type/Traits.h [code]
Basic type properties.