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Namespace List
Here is a list of all namespaces with brief descriptions:
SafGlobal library namespace
Saf::AlgoGeneric data handling algorithms and structures
Saf::Algo::PredicateBasic predicate functors
Saf::Algo::RangeAlgorithms and functions that execute on a range of elements
Saf::Algo::SelectionSelection algorithms
Saf::Algo::Selection::RangeSelection algorithms on sequences
Saf::Algo::SelectorFunctors for selecting individual members of from pair or triplet collections
Saf::Algo::SortSorting algorithms
Saf::Algo::StructGeneric data structures
Saf::Algo::Struct::HashPolicyHashTable growth policies
Saf::Algo::Struct::HeapThe heap data structure and related operations
Saf::CollectionNamespace encapsulating data container classes
Saf::MathMathematical functions and structures
Saf::Math::AlgebraImplementations of various objects from algebra
Saf::Math::Algebra::EigenvectorsEigenvectors and eigenvalues computation routines
Saf::Math::CalculusCalculus related functions and classes
Saf::Math::ConstantMathematical constants
Saf::Math::RangeMathematical algorithms and functions that execute on a range of elements
Saf::MemLow level memory handling functions
Saf::TextClasses related to text storing and processing
Saf::TypeType properties and type related functions and classes
Saf::Type::IteratorCategoryIterator categories