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Simple Application Framework library


Simple Application Framework (Saf) is a library aiming at providing a rich set of generic classes and functions enabling rapid development of robust and safe applications. The library is written in C++ and places emphasis on clean and extensible object-oriented design and efficient algorithms. It is intended as a replacement and extension of the Standard Template Library (STL) that would be closer to modern trends in IT represented by the Base Class Library in .NET or the Java Class Library.

What are the main design goals?

In particular, we would like to:

What is it going to contain?

What is it not going to contain?

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Compilation guide

To generate Makefile for your platform and compiler use the CMake tool. The library has no external dependencies and does not require any special tuning which makes the configuration and compilation process really straightforward. Note that creating a static version of the library is not supported.

Supported platforms

One of the primary goals of the library is to be cross-platform and to avoid ugly platform or compiler specific hacks. Basically, it should be possible to build the library on any platform using C++ compiler with decent support for modern standards (particularly templates). We have sucesfully compiled and used the library on the following platforms:


The library is licensed under the GNU General Public License. Its text is included with the library and is also accessible from the documentation, see The GNU General Purpose License. We also encourage you to reference this library if you use it.


Currently the library has only one author: